Here at Home & Hearth we believe every home is unique. 

Our services begin with a complimentary consultation to identify each client's needs. Whether it is a gourmet dinner on the table by 5 or the tools to effectively manage or spruce up your home life, we are here to assist the entire process. Home looks different for everyone but universally is a place were we celebrate life, are deeply nourished and rest. Don't let home be on your list of unchecked to-do's, allow yourself the journey to once again love your home. 

We specialize in...


If you are continually exasperated by your messy home, you are not alone. We quickly go from owning stuff to our stuff owning us. Inspired by KonMari methods and minimalistic design, refining your lifestyle and taking back control of your home is simpler than you think! 



Have you been jonesing to host a fabulous party but lacked the time or inspiration? How about that room that was supposed to be your elegant home office? Does it more closely resemble a hot mess than a ladylike affair? It's ok to feel stuck, but it's time to get excited again about the nest you have worked hard to build!  


Epic & Essential Eats

In the world of Food Network it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of food. When your reality looks more like a bottle of Prego tossed with some cheap spaghetti, it's easy to feel like you have missed the boat. Weather you need help learning the basics or simply want to come home to a fabulous home cooked meal, we got you covered!