About The Founder


Kate specializes in the art of all things home. 

With a diverse background in event planning, culinary, and design she draws from her professional background to deliver personal results with a meaningful impact. Home & Hearth is a product of Kate's passion for a company devoted to modern families and their quest to elevate the experience of home. 

" I find so much joy when my clients walk into their homes after a long day to a peaceful and inviting environment. It's the same space they have always had but reimagined and actualized to its full potential. It is such a joy and a privilege connecting them to the home they have always desired."

Kate believes in a collaborative approach, and her warmth and sense of adventure is palpable. With the ability to integrate into your homelife seamlessly, you may forget she is there cooking dinner as the help and not part of the family. 

Kate's nest is home to a very robust 23 lb Corgi, a delightful dumpster kitty with half a tail, and her charming husband George.