Whole30 Breakfast Bowls

Its February and in a month sprinkled with chocolates and sweet treats, I decided its time to do a food post. The hubs and I recently returned from a short trip back home to Florida and I was thankful for some time to catch up with some dear friends of many years. We lunched, ate popsicles and drank wine pretty much everyday, hence felling bloated. Who ever said “fat and happy” was full of crap, it’s more like bloated and gassy. Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button and give your body a little love. Here is a delicious breakfast that is as delicious as it is nutrient packed and whole 30 approved!

Sweet Potato Brekkie Bowls

What you’ll need.

  • 5 lb bag of Organic purple sweet potatos * (why this matters… well talk about it below.)
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Banana
  • Cashew Butter or any nut butter

To Start. Get your oven nice and toasty at 400-450 Degrees. While it is pre heating, place your potatos in a bowl with some veggie wash (white vinegar will do the trick as well) and soak and scrub those spuds. Once you do this, you will never not wash you vegetables again. Whats left behind is appaling even on the organics. This past summer I had 2 Japanese Beetles hitch a ride home with these sweets. While they are beautiful and iradecent I prefer not to eat them for breakfast.

Dry off potatoes and place directly on top oven rack. Do not pierce your sweets or they will make it their duty to splat sweet potato goo all over the place. Place a sheet pan with parchment or foil underneath to catch any of the roasted sweet potato syrup that rebels and makes it way out. Depending on the shape and size, these will roast anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour and a half. You know they are done if a fork is inserted and it feels tender and squishy (scientifically speaking). For this recipe I err on the side of more done than under done. Once out of the oven, throw them in a bowl and let them cool completely.

Method. You may be wondering why the potatoes are not being wrapped in foil or poked, right? If you get the oven screaming hot and place them directly on the rack, the skin dries out and separates from the flesh. All of the sugars in the potatoes are also caramelized due to extreme heat. Win, win. If you are eating the skin, it is not all soupy and gross. If you are peeling off the skin the flesh will literally just fall away from the skin if fully cooked.

Pamper & Portion Your Potatoes. After they have completely cooled. Slit the skin and squeeze out the flesh. Once all the flesh is in a bowl, take a fork and mash until all fibers are broken down. Do not get to crazy and over mash as they will become gummy. Now is the point in the game where I pull out my pyrex, my yellow scoop and get to portioning. Two (#20) yellow handled scoops are the perfect serving of sweet potatoe and weigh in at 130 calories. You could drag out a scale or eye ball it but I like to know how much im eating these days. If you’re scratching your head, restaurant scoops can be found on Amazon or any restaurant supply store. They are relatively inexpensive and are much higher quality than the crappy imitations you find at Homegoods. I love the brand Vollrath and after working in a kitchen they are my go to.

If you have roasted a five pound bag, it makes enough for 10-12 servings. I individually portion them out and pop them in the fridge for breakfast throughout the week.

Dressing Your Sweets. This is where the fun begins. Essentially, you have created a base of complex carbohydrates that is a sweet blank canvas. Now we need some fiber and antioxidants. Insert your choice of berries.  Raspberries are loaded with fiber and fresh or frozen will do! I love to mix half raspberry and half blueberry. To give this breakfast more staying power I HIGHLY recommend you add some fat in the form of nut butter. If you are feeling really wild you may additionally add chia seeds, cocoa nibs or some crushed nuts. Sticking to one crunchy toper and one fat only is a smart choice if you are trying to keep this calorically in check.

When I first started making these, I thought I would need some syrup, honey or something sweet to make this meld. But if I can encourage you to just try it with no added sugar, I promise it will not disappoint!


*Why Organic? I know, I know, its more expensive and while I may see the value, I’m not here to get all preachy. But if I could encourage you to buy only one organic vegetable for your family it would be potatoes. I think the Huffington Post puts it simply…

“When deciding which foods to buy organic, potatoes are a must. Most conventionally-grown have one of the highest pesticide contents among fruits and veggies. The USDA discovered 81 percent of potatoes tested in 2006 contained pesticides even after being washed and peeled.”

Just a side note, that was a test over 10 years ago. To date the FDA has approved hundreds of new chemicals for use in agriculture and you are eating them all.

** Why Purple Sweets? Commons sense dictates that any vegetable that rich in color is nutrient dense but what about potatoes? They often get a bad wrap for being bland, boring starches. They are the carnations of the vegetable world, “fillers.” But sweets and purple sweets are particularly nutritional!

“The various colors of sweet potatoes also indicate the variety of antioxidants they contain. The orange ones get their color from the beta-carotene, but the purple kind have a different type of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Unlike other anthocyanin-containing foods, like eggplant or blueberries, sweet potatoes have these antioxidants in the flesh as well as the skin, so they’re a much more concentrated source.”

You don’t have purple sweets? Gladly, use what you have on hand and let me know what you come up with in your kitchen!